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Teen Patti Sweet Apk: – Hello friends, again another New Rummy App has arrived, in which Sign-Up Bonus is available for ₹ 10, but now Rummy Vungo Apk has run out and Rummy Sweet App has arrived, this app has been launched in 2022 only. , and seeing this app, people have left Rummy Apna App and adopted Sweets Teen Patti Apk.

teen patti sweet apk
Teen Patti Sweet Apk

About Teen Patti Sweet APK

APP Name : Teen Patti Sweet APK
Sign-Up Bonus : Rs.15/-
Min. Withdraw : Rs.100/-
Official Website : AllRummyApp.Com
Launch Date : 28 April 2022
Launched By : Rummy Apna APK

This Sweet Teen Patti is an online earning app in which there are total 11 games to play the game, in which you can do very good Loot Earning, I have found the best Refer & Earn program in this app, because in this app ₹ 20 on each referrer. Bonus of Rs, and a lifetime commission of 30% after upgrading the label, it also comes with live customer support.

And friends, the special thing about this application is that this application is very interesting and has just been launched, which is a demand of many people that if they want to download the new application, then this application fulfills the demand of you. So must download this application

How Many Games in Teen Patti Sweet Apk?

teen patti sweet app
Supported Games

The best thing inside this game is that you guys have already put 15 games inside this application by the company, so if you are interested in playing games on people, then you guys can play these 15 games given below. can –

  1. Teen Patti Game
  2. Rummy Game
  3. Dragon vs Tiger
  4. Andar Bahar
  5. 7 Up Down
  6. Baccarat AB
  7. Jhandi Munda
  8. Baccarat 3 Patti
  9. Beach Slot
  10. House Racing
  11. Red vs Black
  12. Baccarat AB
  13. Win Go
  14. Royal 3 Patti
  15. AK 47

Note :- Friends, you get financial risk inside all these games, then you have to play inside this game by taking care and consider it before adding any of your money.

How to create account in Teen Patti Sweet APK?

teen patti sweet Create Account
Create Account

An account can be created very easily inside this application, I told that it is easy to create an account in it, so do not stop reading this article, you need your phone and OTP to create an account, in this you will be in two places. Accounts have to be created, out of which 1. Game Account and 2. Refer & Earn Account are there, now let’s talk about how to create an account in these two programs?

  • Game Account: – First of all you have to download this application from the link given by me, after that you have to install and open the app, now you have to click on Mobile Login, then click on Register Now, After that you have to click on mobile number, password and send OTP, after that you have to fill OTP and click on Register, now you have created your account inside this app, and you will have got a bonus of ₹ 10, and You can play these bonus games quite easily.
  • Refer & Earn Account :- For that, you have to open the app, then you have to click on Refer & Earn, after that you will get the Sign-in button above, you have to click on it, now you will get mobile number and OTP You have to enter, after that you have to click on the Sign-Up button, you do not do anything, you are now registered inside this app, you do not get any bonus in this program.

How To Earn Money By Refer & Earn In Teen Patti Sweet Apk?

If you want to do Earning Without Investment in it, then there is a great program to earn money by doing address and earning in it, with the help of which you can earn in lakhs or even in thousands, the more you increase your income, the less it is. Because friends, this application is the same to same duplicate of Teen Patti Sweets, and you must have known that app because it was making a lot of noise in the market, but due to some reason Teen Patti Vungo Application has been removed, I have not Know why that application has been removed but you leave that application and grab Rummy Sweets App, because that app is no longer in the market, now it is going to rock.

teen patti sweet Refer & Earn

We talk about what features and how much earning can be done in Teen Patti Sweet Apk, so let us know which program is given in it.

  • Per Refer Amount: – Yes friends, you will be very happy to know that every referrer gets a bonus of ₹ 20, and along with it the commission is also full, but let me tell myself that ₹ 20 is available in this only when Your friends recharge.
  • Referral Commission: – In this application, you are going to make a lot of money by doing referral and earning, because it gives 30% tax amount as referral commission, and you must be wondering now what is this text amount, so we Let us tell you that this text amount is that if your friend has added the money and plays the game with that money, then you get a commission, I have said that you get a 30% bet commission in it.
  • Affiliate Commission: – This application is included in the affiliate program, but it works only after upgrading the level, it gets an affiliate commission of about 10%, we told in the above that it gets a commission of 30%, but That too at least gets commission only when it comes on the silver label.

Note: – In this application only ₹ 20 bonus is available, but you must be thinking that we have mentioned above that 30 percent commission and 10% affiliate commission is available, yes friends, but for that you have to upgrade the label inside it. If you have to do it, only then you will continue to get a commission of 30 percent and a plate commission of 10%.

Refer & Earn Level Upgrade in “Teen Patti Sweet App”

Total 5 labels are given in this application, you are going to earn a lot of great loot according to the label, which are 1. Brozen, 2. Silver, 3. Gold, 4. Platinum and 5. Diamont, stay on this label But we have provided the following program for how much money bonus is available.

  • Brozen: – On this label, you get only ₹ 10 every invite bonus, that too, if you recharge your invite friends, then you get a bonus of ₹ 10, and if you do not add money then you do not get the bonus. Huh .
  • Silver: – If you have done a lot of referrals and have increased your label, then you get a commission of 30%, and you get the commission of the person just below your friends, this program also comes as a good one.
  • Gold: – If you have done a lot of referrals and have increased your label, then you get a commission of 30%, and you get commission of just below and below that of your friends, this program also turns out to be good.
  • Platinum or 5. Diamond: – If you come across this label, then understand that you have become a millionaire, because it is not so easy to reach this label, you must have earned in lakhs by asking on this label.

Note :- If you are on the first label in it then you can withdraw at least ₹ 500 in it, no matter how much you earn, but if you upgrade the label then you can withdraw it quite easily.

How to add money in Teen Patti Sweet APK?

teen patti sweet Add cash
Add cash

If you want to earn by adding money to it, then you can add it very easily, before that we tell you that if you add cash of at least ₹ 100 or more, then you will get additional commission. If you add ₹ 100 Add Cash, you get 10% additional commission and 33% on Add Cash of ₹ 300 and so on, you get a special percentage extra bonus on each amount. In this you can add cash in the following way –

  1. First of all, install and open the Rummy Sweet App and click on the Add Cash button.
  2. Then select the amount you want to add, in which you can also select First Time Minimum ₹ 30
  3. Then fill-up the KYC details by clicking on Add Cash and click on Submit
  4. After that you will come to the payment page in which you can add your money by paying through any payment method.
  5. After that your money will be added to your game account
  6. Which you can use to play the game.

Guys you guys can follow this above all scape to add money inside Teen Patti Sweet App

Add Cash Additional Bonus in Teen Patti Sweet App

Adding money in this application also gives an additional bonus and we have provided that bonus if you do not know how to add money inside this program, then if you can read on our above. And in the below paragraph we have mentioned additional bonus.

  • Add Money ₹100 = Additional ₹10
  • Add Money ₹300 = Additional ₹80
  • Add Money ₹500 = Additional ₹200
  • Add Money ₹1000 = Additional ₹600
  • Add Money ₹1500 = Additional ₹1000
  • Add Money ₹3000 = Additional ₹3000
  • Add Money ₹5000 = Additional ₹3000
  • Add Money ₹20000 = Additional ₹3000

Bind Bonus Program in Teen Patti Sweet Apk

teen patti sweet Bonus

A bonus program is given in this app, in which you get an extra bonus of ₹ 15 on Binding, for that you have to open this app and get a Bind Bonus button on the side, you have to click on it, in which All you have to do is enter your Name, Phone Number and Email and click on Sunmit, then you get an extra bonus of ₹ 5, that is, a total bonus of ₹ 15 is available in it.

How To Download Sweet Teen Patti Apk ?

Like friends, on which date this Teen Patti Sweet Apk has been launched and today’s date is 28 April 2022 and on this day the applications were launched and if you want to download this application, then click on the download button given below. And download this application through official website

VIP Program in Teen Patti Sweet App

teen patti sweet vip program
VIP Program
  • If you add minimum ₹ 100 to this then you come in VIP 1 level.
  • If you upgrade the label to it, you can get ₹1 per day quite easily, for a period of 30 days.
  • In any game related to Teen Patti and Rummy, if you lose VIP players get cash back bonus, the higher the VIP level, the more bonus you can get.

VIP Level Withdrawal Limit

There are different VIP programs in Teen Patti Sweet Apk in which you can get different Daily VIP Bonus, and you can apply different Daily Withdraw if you have different VIPs, and can apply withdrawal according to its limit.

VIP Level Daily Withdrawal Times Daily Withdrawal Amount
VIP0 1 ₹500
VIP1 2 ₹1000
VIP2 2 ₹2000
VIP3 3 ₹8000
VIP4 3 ₹15000
VIP5 3 ₹20000
VIP6 4 ₹30000
VIP7 4 ₹40000
VIP8 5 ₹50000
Rummy Sweet App VIP Level

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Teen Patti Sweet Apk Withdraw Program

teen patti sweet Withdraw

In this application, you get the option to do two types of Withdrawal, in which first you get the option to withdraw inside the ‘Game Account’ and second you get the option to Withdraw the ‘Commission earned from the agent’. People can easily make withdrawals through both these mediums, the information about which is given below.

  • Game Account Withdraw: – First of all you have to open this application and click on Withdraw, after that you have to select your amount, and after filling your bank information below that, click on Submit, then your Withdrawal will be successful, and After some time it will be received in your bank account.
  • Referral Commission Withdraw: – In this, you have to open the app and click on Refer & Earn, after that click on Withdraw, now you have to select your amount, and fill your bank information below that and click on submit. , then your withdrawal will be successful, and now your accounts have been transferred.

Customer Support in Teen Patti Sweet App

The good thing inside Teen Patti Sweet Apk is that Live Customer Support is provided by the company through WhatsApp , so if you guys have any problem in it then you can take support very easily, and in this app you can get Online Support. can take.

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Teen Patti Sweet Apk FAQ’s

Q.1. What is Sign-Up Bonus Program in Teen Patti Sweet App?

Ans. The Register Bonus is ₹15 Only.

Q.2. What is Minimum Redeem Amount in Rummy Sweets App?

Ans. Guys You Can Withdraw Money Minimum ₹100/-

Q.3. How much withdrawal can be done in a day in Teen Patti Sweets Apk?

Ans, Withdrawal can be applied according to the label in this App.

Q.4. How Many Games in Sweet Teen Patti App?

Ans. Total 15 Types of Games.

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