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Teen Patti Day APK :- Friends, if you have come to this article today, you will make a profit of 41, because today we have brought such a New Rummy App in which you will receive a sign up bonus of 41, whose Rummy Day App is about to happen, the special thing about this application is that you will have the opportunity to play 22 different types of games from which you can earn money.

And, if we’re talking about how you can make money in this, there’s a great referral scheme in place that allows you to get money by introducing anybody you know.

Teen Patti Day APK Logo Png
Teen Patti Day APK Logo Png

Teen Patti Day APK Details

Apk Name : Teen Patti Day
Sign-Up Bonus : Rs.10/-
Official Website : AllRummyApp.Com
Share Bonus : ₹100 Per Friend
Min. Withdraw : ₹100/-

Friends, you’ll be shocked to learn that when a new application is introduced, it comes with a slew of bonus and earning opportunities. For example, if I merely talk about the This App, it was released in the year 2021. Along with the debut, there is a great bonus programme where you may get a 41 bonus just for establishing an account, which you can spend to play the game.

About Rummy Day APK !

Teen Patti Day APK
Teen Patti Day APK

When it comes to This APK, it is a form of Rummy programme in which you may play rummy online and earn money; nevertheless, there are many other types of Rummy applications. Aside from games like Dragon versus Tiger and 7 Up Down, there are a total of 22 other sorts of games to choose from.

And under this, you’ll find several excellent Refer programmes, in which you may earn an Invite Bonus for each buddy you refer, as well as commission on the player’s recharge.

How to Get Bonus in Teen Patti Day APK?

If you want to obtain the bonus in this application, you must first register, which means you must make an account in this application, which you may do by following the instructions below. People will be able to establish an account inside this programme and receive the bonus with your assistance.

  • To begin, you must first download the app and then install it on your smartphone.
  • You will be sent to the main page after opening it.
  • You must first click on the Profile button, then on the Bind button to retrieve what you stated.
  • Fill in your cellphone number, OTP, and password, then click on confirm.
  • By doing so, you will be able to register for this application and receive the incentive offered inside it.

Available Games in Teen Patti Day App

By the way, many different types of games are supported inside this Rummy Application, because the company has supported every type of game inside this application, including Dragon vs Tiger, Car Roulette, and Zoo Roulette. Apart from that, there are many games available, the list of which is as follows.

  • LUDO
  • 7 UP DOWN
  • TEEN PATTI 20-20
  • 10 cards

Refer & Earn Money in Teen Patti Day APK

Teen Patti Day APK Refer & Earn
Teen Patti Day APK Refer & Earn

Friends, You get a lot of great Refer & Earn Programs inside this game, where you can earn a good amount every day if you talk about its features, then invite your friends to play, and then every friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend On Invite, you can earn up to 100 points.

Not only that, but if you invite your friends and they make any kind of recharge within the game, you will receive a 30% commission on those recharges because it is very good, and you will receive this commission for the rest of your life when your players recharge.

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VIP Bonus Program in Teen Patti Day App

Rummy Day App VIP Program
Rummy Day App VIP Program

If you’re interested in obtaining a bonus and looking for an app that offers a variety of bonus programmes, you may also check out this app, which offers a VIP programme. In which you have the choice of receiving four distinct sorts of bonuses, you can obtain these bonuses in the following manner:

  • Daily Bonus :– In This App, you have access to a daily bonus programme through which you can earn money without having to meet any requirements. These balls are available as soon as you establish an account.
  • Weekly Bonus: – This is a form of weekly bonus programme that is not available at all; in order to acquire it, you must first complete at least two levels, after which you will be allowed to choose which bonus you want.
  • Monthly Bonus: – You may obtain this bonus on a month-by-month basis; once one month is completed, you will be eligible to get this year; however, there are certain restrictions, such as completing level-2 or above. This is going to happen.
  • VIP Benefit: – This programme works in such a manner that you will receive this bonus everytime you upgrade your level, for example, if you are in level 2 and then graduate to level 3, you will receive this bonus. will be in a position to get

VIP Exclusive Rewards in Rummy Day App

Benefits of VIP Membership Every month on the 1st, 11th, and 21st, This Teen Patti App has started a bonus programme for the initial deposit. Join VIP today and share with your friends to get even more benefits. On the 1st, 11th, and 21st of each month, players who deposit more than 1000INR for the first time can win additional cash prizes up to Rs 20000 the next day! (Winnings will be deposited into the member’s account automatically.)

First Deposit Bonus in Rummy Day APK

If you are a Rummy Day VIP member, you have the possibility to receive an additional bonus on your first deposit. You will be able to obtain this bonus if you are at any VIP level between VIP 1 and VIP 10. The following are the extra details:

How To Get Agent Weekly Bonus in Teen Patti Day APK?

A weekly bonus has been designed for a very excellent agent, which is extremely good, and you only utilise it when your employees make 1000 or more on a weekly basis. If you earn a commission of $1,000 or more, you will be eligible for this incentive on Monday, which is accessible according to some of the following tables, in which you will get different amounts on different quantities. Extra Weekly Bonuses are available in a variety of forms.

Add Cash Program in Teen Patti Day App

Teen Patti Day Add Cash
Teen Patti Day Add Cash

If you play a lot of games and the words combined in the game aren’t enough for you, and you want to put some money into it, you may put at least 11 in this game. It’s simple; you may add money to the game using your debit card, UPI, or Net Banking. If you wish to add a considerable sum to this, you can do so up to a limit of ₹100,000, but I do not recommend that you do so.

For this, you will find an Add Cash button on the main page, which you can use to choose any Add Money mount, then click on the Add Cash button to fill out your KYC in the next medium, and finally the payment ones. You will be sent to a website where you may make a payment using any method, and after waiting a little time, this procedure will be completed inside Mintoo, and your money will be credited to your gaming account.

How to Withdraw in Teen Patti Day APK?

This allows you to see the withdrawal program, which allows you to send any amount remaining in your game account to your bank account. The good news is that you have two options to apply withdraw, the first of which is through UPI and the second of which is through Bank, and you can apply to people in either of the following ways.

  • UPI Withdraw :- If you wish to withdraw money from UPI, click the Withdraw button, then pick the UPI option, type in your UPI data, and then click Withdraw. To ensure that your marriage is successfully received in your bank, you must click the button.
  • Bank Withdraw :- You can make withdrawals extremely easy using this method. To do so, click the Withdraw button and pick the bank option, then fill in the bank data, such as your bank account number and IFSC code. Click the Withdraw button after entering the desired amount in the box.

Step 1: – First and foremost, you must remember that you have $100 in your account before pressing the Withdraw option on the main page.

Step 2: Then, by clicking on +Bank Account, enter your bank account information for whichever bank you wish to withdraw from.

Step 3: After you’ve entered your bank information, you’ll need to input your withdrawal amount in the Amount field and then click the Withdraw button.

Step 4: When completing all of the above, your withdrawal will be successfully processed, and you will get your payment after some time has passed.

Rummy Day App Payment Proof

If you have not seen the video process worship of this programme, you may be wondering how this app pays and if it pays or not. You can find out with our Withdraw.

We can see how much money we’ve taken from the application in the records, and we’ve also gotten the money very smoothly, and we haven’t seen any sort of software inside the application here, so you guys may use it. Please do so.

Rummy Day APK Customer Support

If you complete any sort of process inside the game and run into any kind of issue, you may get help, which is a fantastic thing since you can also get live assistance over WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp :- Not Available

You may do this by going to the support box and clicking on the add gas button. There, you will get information on all of WhatsApp’s phone numbers and will be able to contact them.

Is Teen Patti Day APK safe?

You may not be able to discover Rummy Day APK in the Play Store, but that does not mean it is untrue to state that it is untrue because it has been ruling the hearts of many people for a long time and provides excellent service and payment. So, based on the app’s features and service, it’s safe to assume that you’ll be able to utilise it totally.

Note – No matter how well-verified a Rummy app is, there is always the chance of losing money, so keep that in mind and refrain from depositing money, or you may become a victim of fraud.

Watch This Amazing Video

Because many of you do not like to read articles, we have prepared a video of it for your convenience. After viewing it, you will be able to gain entire information about Rummy Day App and Live Payment of this programme. You can see proof in this video as well, so you should watch it to learn everything there is to know about this software.


Q.1: How many Register Bonus are available in Teen Patti Day APK?
Answer: This is an application in which if you create an account then you are given a bonus of ₹10.

Q.2: What is the minimum withdrawal allowed in Rummy Day App?
Answer: In this you can withdraw at least ₹100,

Q.3: What are the means of making withdrawals in Teen Patti Day APK ?
Answer: In this you can take withdrawal through your bank / UPI.

Q.4: How much recharge is required to get Weekly Bonus in Rummy Day App ?
Answer: In order to activate Agent Weekly Bonus, you have to recharge a minimum of ₹ 500, for the first time, after that you can get the weekly bonus.

Q.5: How many games are available in Teen Patti Day APK?
Answer: There are 22 different types of games available for you.

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