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Teen Patti Bindaas Mod Apk :- Are you guys looking for a very good Rummy Application, then you guys have come to the right article because inside this article we are going to provide you such an application, in this you guys You are going to get a bonus of up to ₹ 51, and the special thing about this application is that you get the support of 23 types of games in which you can also play IPL and play Ludo game.

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Benefits of Teen Patti Bindaas Mod Apk

Application Name : Teen Patti Bindass Mod App
APK Size : 41.3 MB
Official Website : AllRummyApp.Com
Sign-Up Bonus : Rs.51 Free
Min. Withdrawal : Rs.100/-
Support : WhatsApp/Telegram

If you guys download the Teen Patti Bindass app, then you are going to have a lot of multiple profits and that means you are going to get benefits, some of the important benefits of this application are as follows –

  1. First of all, you guys are going to get a free bonus of ₹51 in this.
  2. With this bonus you can withdraw after playing the game with a minimum withdrawal of ₹100.
  3. To play more games, 23 different types of games are supported inside this application.
  4. In this you also get programs like Daily Bonus, and Mothly Bonus and Level Bonus along with Weekly Bonus.
  5. There is also an additional bonus on Add Cash if you people add cash above ₹500.
  6. In this there is a chance to get maximum ₹ 100 on each friend’s share.
  7. And the best thing in this is that Live Customer Support has also been given in it in case of any problem.

Create Account in Teen Patti Bindaas App

teen patti bindaas mod apk
Teen Patti Bindaas mod apk

Creating an account inside this application is very easy, which you can do without any problem because to create an account inside this application, you only need a mobile number, with the help of which you can create an account inside it. If you people face any kind of problem then you can follow the following steps to create an account which we have given –

  1. First of all, you guys have to download this application and then install it inside your smartphone.
  2. After that, as soon as you open this app, you will have got ₹ 1 inside your balance.
  3. To get ₹ 50 Extra, you have to BIND with your mobile number.
  4. To bind the mobile number, you have to click on the Profile button, which will give you a Bind button to change it.
  5. After that you have to enter your mobile number and password and confirm after filling OTP.
  6. After that you will get a bonus of ₹ 51 which you can use to play the game and remember that you cannot withdraw this bonus, you have to do some recharge to take Withdraw Necessary.

How to Download Teen Patti Bindaas Mod Apk?

If you guys want to get a bonus of ₹ 51, then the first thing you have to do is to download this application, only then you guys can create your account and get ₹ 51 inside this application, you have to download this application before creating an account. Which you guys can do by clicking on the download button given below-

Account Frozen Problem in Teen Patti Bindaas App

Account Create in Teen Patti Bindaas
Account Create

Now there are many of you people who win a lot of money only from bonuses and if those people withdraw that money, then their account gets frozen, after all, why does this happen to tell you everything in detail. We will tell you everything in detail about it and how you guys can avoid someone. If you want to know about this, then follow the steps given below, your account will never be frozen.

Tips No. 1:- First of all, do not try to withdraw ₹ 100 immediately from the bonus received inside this application, otherwise your account may be frozen in such a situation.

Tips No. 2:- If you guys want to save your account from being frozen, then before making any withdrawal or before playing the game, you must add cash to some amount.

Tips No. 3: – Do not use two or more accounts within the same phone, otherwise your account will be closed even in such a situation.

Tips No 4 :- When you people win a lot more than less amount, then the company suffers a lot and they close your account.

How many games are there in Teen Patti Bindaas Mod App?

games in Teen Patti Bindaas

Like I am telling you people in many paragraphs above that how many games are there in it and which games are there in it, then you must also be feeling that how many games are there in it, although there are many games available inside this application. If we account for the whole, then there are 23 types of different A’s in it. The list has been provided –

1. IPL 2. Dragon vs Tiger
3. 7 Up Down 4. Car Roulette
5. Zoo Roulette 6. Andar Bahar
7. Crash 8. Sports
9. Roulette 10. Teen Patti 20-20
11. Teen Patti 12. Ludo
13. Rummy 14. Variation
15. Poker 16. Baccarat
17. 10 cards 18. Best of Five
19. Black Jack 20. 3 Card Poker
21. Fishing Rush 22. Fruit Line
23. Fantasy Sports
All Game List

Can we play IPL inside Bindaas Teen Patti?

ipl in bindaas teen patti mod apk

Friends, you guys can play IPL very easily inside this application because now after the update of 2022 IPL game has been brought inside all the applications, this is also one of those applications in which you people have the chance to play IPL. You can get IPL, you can also get commission on IPL if your invited friends play IPL. If you want to play IPL game in it, then the first game in its group of games is IPL game, which you can play and make your team and earn a lot from it, and let us tell you that if you have played China Friends Invited you get a commission of 2% even if he wins or loses by playing this game.

Invite & Earn Commission in Teen Patti Bindaas Mod APK

teen patti bindaas mod apk refer & Earn
Refer & Earn

This program is for those people who make videos on YouTube and promote the game, that’s because there is a program to get a very good Refer & Earn commission inside this application. In which you guys can get up to 30% commission on recharge done by your player, in this you get many more share bonus programs which we will talk about further,

If you want to make extra money without taking any risks, using the Refer and Earn function that comes with the Teen Patti Glee app might be quite helpful for you in accomplishing this goal. Because the money generated by taking use of this feature can also be transferred to the bank account, and because this option is available to use. If you have a significant number of followers on social media, you may be able to bring in several thousands of rupees per month from this endeavour. To participate in this service and earn money, follow the procedure that is mentioned below.

  • On the home page, you will get an option of Refer and Earn, on which you click.
  • Now copy your Referrals Link.
  • Invite your friends, acquaintances and relatives to join this application by copying the Referrals Link.
  • If you want to earn more Referrals Link, then for this you share your Referrals Link on any social media website like WhatsApp, Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest.
  • You will get ₹ 30 commission per joining, as many people join this application through the Referrals link shared by you.
  • Along with this, if the person joined by you adds payment to his account, you will get 33% commission separately.

Friends, if you people are having problem in earning money from referral inside this application, then you can easily invite any of your friends by following this above tape and earn money from them.

Agent Weekly Bonus in Teen Patti Bindaas Mod App?

teen patti bindaas mod apk Agent Weekly Bonus
Agent Weekly Bonus

It has a weekly bonus program for a very good agent, which is great, you only use it when you guys earn ₹1000 or more on a weekly basis. Whenever you guys will get a commission of ₹ 1000 or more then on the next Monday you will be able to get this bonus, which is available according to some of the following tables, in which you people will get different amount on different amount. Can get various additional weekly bonuses.

  • You Can Earn 1000 – 3000 & Get Weekly ₹500
  • You Can Earn 1001 – 5000 & Get Weekly ₹1000
  • You Can Earn Earn 5001 – 8000 & Get Weekly ₹3000
  • You Can Earn Earn 8001 – 10000 & Get Weekly ₹6000
  • You Can Earn Earn 10001 – 15000 & Get Weekly ₹10000
  • You Can Earn Earn 15001 – 20000 & Get Weekly ₹15000
  • You Can Earn Earn 20001 – 30000 & Get Weekly ₹20000
  • You Can Earn Earn 30001 – 50000 & Get Weekly ₹30000
  • You Can Earn Earn 50001 – 80000 & Get Weekly ₹60000
  • You Can Earn Earn 80001 – 100000 & Get Weekly ₹100000
  • You Can Earn Earn 100001 – 999999999 & Get Weekly ₹200000

Share Bonus in Teen patti Bindaas Mod Apk

teen patti bindaas mod apk Share Bonus
Share Bonus

Under this bonus program, you can get maximum ₹ 100 on any player’s mobile and you will not face any kind of problem to withdraw these ₹ 100 because this amount goes completely inside Withdraw Balance. Which you can send to your bank without any interruption, in this you can get the following types of bonuses :-

  • With the help of share bonus, you will get a bonus of ₹ 80 on the first friend’s invite.
  • If you invite 2nd friend then you will get a bonus of ₹ 90
  • After this, all the friends you invite, then you will get a bonus of ₹ 100 on each friend’s invite.

Notes: – There is also an important notice for you in which you guys can get this bonus given above only when your players recharge ₹ 1000 or above.

How To Become a VIP Member in Teen Patti Bindaas Mod App

Through VIP Bonus features, you get a golden opportunity to get Free Bonus. Under Free Bonus, you get Daily Bonus, Sign-in Bonus Weekly Bonus Monthly Bonus level bonus. If you want to get all these bonuses, then first you have to recharge your account with minimum ₹ 500. In VIP bonus features, you get more plans where you get a chance to get more free bonuses. That is, the bigger the VIP bonus package you take, the more benefits you will get. In Teen Patti Bindaas Mod Apk you can get ₹10 bonus to ₹5000 daily bonus.

teen patti bindaas mod VIP Bonus
VIP Bonus

By becoming a VIP member, you get the opportunity to claim a variety of bonuses, out of which you can claim four bonuses, which are as follows-

Daily Bonus :- In Teen Patti Bindaas Apk you get a daily bonus program in which you guys can get some money, you do not need to fulfill any kind of requirement to get this bonus. People can get these balls as soon as they create an account.

Weekly Bonus: – This is a type of weekly bonus program that is not available at all, to get it, you have to get at least 2 levels, after which you guys can get which bonus.

Monthly Bonus: – You can get this bonus on month basis, as soon as one month is complete, you will be able to get this year but there is some restriction in this too, for which you have to complete level-2 or above. Will happen.

Level Bonus: – This program works in such a way that whenever you upgrade the level, that is, if you are in level-2, then if you go to level-3, then at that time you will get this bonus. will be able to obtain

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Bonus Program in Teen Patti Bindaas Rummy Application

Teen Patti Bindass App is an application in which you get a bonus of ₹ 51 for creating an account and apart from this, there are many different types of bonus programs in it, how will you people get all those bonus programs, by adopting the following given People can receive many different types of bonuses –

  • First Bonus – If you guys create an account inside this app then ₹51 is given as Sign-Up Bonus.
  • In the second, if you refer any of your players, then there is an opportunity to claim ₹ 100 bonus on each player’s Invite. If recharge of ₹ 1000 is done through your foot.
  • Under this, you can claim the amount of Daily Bonus daily without any investment, in which you can get any random amount.
  • Inside this Rummy Modern App, you can get up to 30% commission under Chips Bonus on recharge and earning done by the players.
  • And if you guys have received bonus, then out of those Refer Bonus received, you also get Weekly Bonus which you guys can get every Monday.

Usually, there are almost the same types of bonus programs inside this application, apart from this, many different types of programs are sometimes launched by the company, about which you guys want to go, then our telegram channel You can join on which you will be able to get more information

How To Add Money In Teen Patti Bindaas App

teen patti bindaas Add Money
Add Money

The biggest feature of Glee Rummy App is that here you can add a minimum of ₹ 10. And in this application you get a chance to add maximum ₹ 100000. On behalf of the company, you are given a cashback offer ranging from 1% to 8% on adding payment.

  • To add payment, on the home page, you will get an option of Add Money.
  • Now you click on Add Money option.
  • Now you will get options of ₹ 10, ₹ 50, ₹ 100, ₹ 200, ₹ 500, ₹ 1000, ₹ 5000, and ₹ 10000 to add payment in front of you.
  • Now select the amount as much as you want to add from these.
  • To complete KYC, you have to enter your Name, Mobile Number, and Email ID.
  • Now you add your payment method. You can choose your UPI I’d, Paytm, Google pay, phonepe or debit credit card option to add payment.

Add Cash Additional Bonus

If you do any type of address more than ₹ 500, then you are given some percentage of additional bonus on behalf of the company, which you can get in the following way :-

  • Add ₹1000 in cash and get 2% extra bonus
  • Add ₹3000 Cash and Get 3% Extra Bonus
  • Add ₹5000 in cash and get an additional bonus of 3.5%
  • Add ₹8000 in cash and get 4% extra bonus
  • Add ₹10000 Cash and Get Extra Bonus of 4.5%
  • Add Cash ₹30000 & Get 5% Extra Bonus
  • Add ₹50000 in cash and get an additional bonus of 5.5%
  • Add ₹100000 Cash and Get 6% Extra Bonus

Note :- There is a financial risk involved in this game, so you should avoid adding your own money inside this application, otherwise you can also lose your people, keep this in mind.

How To Withdraw Cash in Teen Patti Bindaas APK

Teen Patti Bindaas Payment Proof
Payment Proof

If you have won a lot of money in this application, you can easily send that winning amount to your bank under the withdrawal program. And the best part about this is that if you have completed only ₹100 then you can even send it as you have been given a minimum withdrawal of ₹100. And two options have been given to make withdrawals, UPI option has been given and Bank option has been given. You can also check the following to set the withdrawal –

  • First of all, after completing ₹ 100 inside the account in the game, click on the Withdraw button located on the home page.
  • After that after filling all your bank details, fill your Withdraw amount in the amount box.
  • Then after that click on the video button, your withdrawal will be successful after clicking
  • To know its current status, you can see people by clicking on a Record button next to it.

If any of your payment is stuck due to any technical error, then you should not submit it again for withdrawal, otherwise you can also get Wagers, if any of your payment is returned then you should first of all through this application. Ask them with the help of customer support provided in the website that why our payment is stuck, if they ask you to withdraw withdrawal then you have to submit for withdrawal again, this will give you less chance of getting wagers Will stay

Customer Support in Teen Patti Bindaas App

Teen Patti Bindaas Customer Care Number
Customer Care Number

Friends, to avoid any inconvenience to you in this application, the company provides you customer support option to solve it. You can talk to the customer care officer in this application through live chatting. We are giving you the official WhatsApp number of this application below where you can directly talk to their customer care officer.

  • WhatsApp Number :- +639162119948
  • WhatsApp Number :- +639276921075
  • Email :- Rummybindaas86@gmail.com

As friends, you can see that within the above supported details, you get support inside the application with the help of very good WhatsApp and Telegram, then you can take support by any means if you have any kind of problem. is so

How to Use Safe in Teen Patti Bindaas Mod Apk?

Friends, this program is very attractive in which you can keep your money safe like you keep your money hidden in your box in your house, in the same way you can also keep your game account through this program. You can save money, by which you will not be able to participate in any game, for this if you have saved your money in the program, you have to unprotect and then play it in the game, then you can play the game very easily from. You will be able to play, because this amount does not remain in which account of yours, and is hidden under this secure program.

  • But whatever you do or hide or don’t hide your amount,
  • the company can still see your amount and if that company wants to also deduct money inside this secure program,
  • then that’s it for you. Mind you, there are many people who save their money and tell the customer that we have saved their money,
  • now whatever you do, our money is safe, but you guys absolutely make this mistake.
  • Don’t even do this, because the company can cut your money whenever it wants.
If you guys have any kind of doubt in playing the game inside this application then you guys can learn by watching this video


Q.1. Is Teen Patti Bindaas Mod Apk Safe?

Ans :- This company claims to be 100% safe.

Q.2. How many games are there in Teen Patti Bindaas App?

Ans :- You can play 23 different types of games inside this application.

Q.3. How to Add Money to Teen Patti Bindaas Mod APK?

Ans :- You can also add a minimum of ₹ 10 inside this app, and to add you read our Add Money program.

Q.4. What to do if there is a problem while adding cash in Teen Patti Bindaas App?

Ans :- You can use the best customer support given inside this application.

Q.5. What is the minimum withdrawal allowed in this application?

Ans :- According to the program given by this company, you can Withdraw minimum of ₹ 100 to your bank..

Q.6. How much money bonus program is given in Teen Patti Bindaas Apk?

Ans. According to Sign-Up bonus program you can get ₹51 after register in this application.

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