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In today’s article, we are going to know about Rummy World Apk , where there is such an application in which you people get support of 17 types of games and if you people create account inside it then you will get more than ₹ 45. Also get bonus. If you guys can make a minimum withdrawal of ₹ 100 inside it, then this thing becomes very good and if you guys also want to download this application, then this article is lying so that you people will be able to get more information about this app. .

rummy world apk
Rummy World

About Rummy World App Download

Name Rummy World App Download
Size 30.8 MB
Download Click Here
Sign-Up Bonus ₹45+
Min. Withdraw Rs.100/-

If you guys want to download Rummy World Apk , and want to play the game inside it, then before that you should also know what is that application like and what programs you get inside it like you guys You have already learned some of its information in the details given above, yet you should know more about it, by the way, this is a Rummy application with 15 types of games, in which you will get to see a lot of Teen Patti or Rummy games. Is,

How to Register in Rummy World APK?

rummy world app

Now if you guys have downloaded this app and are going to create your account and if you people face problem in creating an account then you can create an account through this step given below, in which you will not get any You will not have to face much problem and you will also be able to get the bonus very easily –

  • Step 1:- As soon as you open this game, you will see two options in front of people, first Play and second Play.
  • Step 2 :- So you have to first click on the mobile button and then click on the Register button.
  • Step 3 :- In which you will enter your mobile number and enter OTP in one and click on register button after setting password.
  • Step 4 :- After this you people will be able to register inside this game in which you will get ₹ 28 bonus.

How to Stop Background Music in Rummy World App?

Whenever you open this game, there is always a background music playing in it, which is not liked by many people, so if you want to close it, then click on the setting button given on the page in which you People will have the option to reduce the music in the Music section, from there you can turn off this music.

How many Games in Rummy World Apk?

rummy world Games
Rummy World Games

Within this Apk, you get a chance to play total 15 different types of games and in these you get to see almost every type of game along with some very different types of games, then if you guys also want to know all these games Which games are there, then you can see in this list given below which games are present in it –

  1. Rummy
  2. Teen Patti
  3. Matka
  4. Roulette
  5. Daruma
  6. Red and black
  7. Thunder Fire
  8. Cash Mania
  9. Dragon Tiger Fight
  10. Andar Bahar
  11. Fruit Classic
  12. Dice Treasure
  13. Video Poker
  14. Penguin Queen
  15. Mayan Empire

Note :–  All these games given above involve financial risk, so you must think once before putting any kind of your money inside Indians, because it can be your loss, you yourself are responsible for the loss. Will be TOP 5 Teen Patti App

How To Work Promotion Program in Rummy World App?

rummy world Add Promotion
Refer & Earn

There is a great referral program inside the Islamic World app, with the help of which you can get different types of commissions of Label A, Label B, Level C. In this, you get programs of three different labels, in which you also get three different types of commission, whose information you can see below –

  1. Level B :– 30%
  2. Level B1 :– 9%
  3. Level B11 :– 2.7%

In this you guys can get commission according to the above given label according to different percentage according to different player, which you guys can see that in direct player you are getting up to 30%, and from them You are getting 9% and 2.7% out of the 2 players linked below. Rummy Rafael APK

To invite your friends in this, you have to click on a Promotion button on the home page itself, in which you will see the button of QR Code and WhatsApp, by clicking on it you can copy the Referral Link of this application. and can share with any of your friends from which you will get commission.

VIP Club in Rummy World App

rummy world vp reward
VIP Program

A VIP program has been given inside it, on which if you click, then many options come in front of you VIP’s, in which if you go to a higher level, then very good and more weekly bonuses. And you will be able to get a program like Monthly Bolo.

In which if you want to go from VIP 0 to VIP 1 then you have to bet ₹ 1,000 inside the game and if you want to go from VIP 2 to VIP 3 then you have to bet ₹ 10,000. And by doing this, you have to do different types of betting to get each level, after which you keep running into many different types of rewards.

Daily Check in Program in Rummy World

rummy world daily bonus
Daily Bonus

Inside this game, if you want to get Daily Check in , then you can easily get Daily Check in program in this game, many people like to get Daily Bonus very much and that people by getting Daily Bonus. If you earn very good money, then a very good program has been given inside this application in which you can get Daily Bonus every day by doing ₹ 10 or ₹ 5, ₹ 6 like this .

How to Buy Coins in Rummy World APK?

rummy world Add Cash Program
Add Cash Program

If you do any type of address inside the World Rummy App, then you were given a very good Add Cash program to add cash, in which you can add a minimum of ₹ 51 and maximum you can add ₹ 1,00,000 to it. You can also add up to ₹ 51, and the good thing is that if you want to add ₹ 52 or ₹ 53 instead of ₹ 51, then enter your favorite amount in the box with Enter Amount and click on the Any Charge button.

Or you can select any amount given below and after selecting, the disciples will come to the payment page, then you will see 3 options of payment, 1. Phone Pe, 2. Paytm, 3. Other Wallets, you People can select any medium and make payment by clicking on Pay button.

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Withdraw Cash in Rummy World App

rummy world payment proof
Payment Proof

If you want to send your winning money to your bank, then the program of Withdraw has been given in it, in which you can make withdrawal through Bank or UPI, and in this a minimum withdrawal of ₹ 100 has been given, in which you will get ₹ Withdrawals can be made by completing 100. You can follow the following steps to take Withdraw-

  1. Step :- First of all click on Withdraw button located on the home page.
  2. Step :- After that you have made your bank details in which you would like to take withdrawal.
  3. Step :- Then fill your withdrawal amount in the box with Must be an integer.
  4. Step :- After that click on Withdraw button.
  5. Step: – To take payment from UPI, select the option of UPI and enter UPI details.
  6. Step :- Then after entering the amount and click on Withdraw button.
  7. Step :- To see the record of your Withdraw, you can go to the option with Record.

Rummy World App Customer Support

rummy world daily bonus
Customer service

The special thing about this application is that you get two types of support programs in it, in which if you want to take online support, then you can also take support online and in spite of this, if you want to take support on Telegram. So you guys can also take support through Telegram.

For this, a service button has been given on the home page itself, on which if you people click, then both the options will be shown, one Online Service and the other Telegram Service, on whichever medium you want to take support. On clicking, you will go to the Chat Box with Support, from where you will be able to get support.

Bank Safe Program in Rummy World APK

You must have seen in many other applications that a Safe program has been taken in it, with the help of which you people just put the bonuses inside your game account in the box and save it, something like this In this, a program of Safe has been given, whose nose has been kept as M-Bank, and its most important thing is that if you are depositing some amount in it, then you can also put a password on it,

For this, a bank button has been given on the home page which is next to the Withdraw button, on which as soon as you click, you will have to enter a password which comes by default “Password – 888888” and you guys By entering this password, you can enter the program of this bank and you can deposit your money inside it and then you can also change its password accordingly.

Pro’s & Con’s in Rummy World App

Sometimes there are good things inside an application, then there are also some bad things in it, such as suppose that some great games are seen inside an application, then there are many shortcomings inside some application. There is also inside about which we are going to tell you through this paragraph, then definitely read both the comparisons given below-

  • Pro’s: – The good thing inside this application is that you get the support of 15 games and with this you get a minimum withdrawal of ₹ 100 and you also get to see Telegram Support through Telegram. And the good thing in this is that payment is also seen inside the application or not, if you people make withdrawals inside it, then the withdrawal is yours, just you must read its con’s,
  • Con’s: – The biggest con of this application is that in this, you fail to take withdrawal without recharging. And the behavior of the support found inside this application is also not 100% accurate and best. You get to see all these things inside this application when you people will use this application.


Q. How much bonus is available in Rummy World?

Ans:- This application offer Rs 28 bonus.

Q. What is the minimum withdrawal in Rummy world Apk?

Ans. You guys will be able to make a successful withdrawal after completing ₹100 inside this application.

Q. What are the means of making withdrawals within the Rummy World Apk?

Ans . There are 2 payment options available in this 1. Bank, 2. UPI.

Q. How many types of games are supported inside World Rummy App?

Ans. This is an application in which you get the support of 15 games in which you would get almost all of them.

Q. What is the Minimum Add Cash inside Rummy World App?

Ans. Add minimum rupees 51.

Q. What is the password of Bank Safe Box in Rummy World App?

Ans. Password is 888888.

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