Rummy Satta APK | Satta Rummy Patti App | Bonus ₹51 | Redeem ₹100

Rummy Satta Apk :- The name of the official website of this app is AllRummyApp.Com, the application which is going to be explained in this article, in this you are going to have Minimum ₹100 Withdraw and not only this, you will earn money in it. Many more features of the program have been given. So if you want to know about all the programs of this application, then you must read this article, and to download the app, you can Download this app from the download paragraph given below .

Rummy Satta APK
Rummy Satta
APK Name Rummy Satta
APK Size 42.69 MB
Official Website AllRummyApp.Com
Sign-Up Bonus Rs.51
Min. Withdraw Rs.100/-

About Rummy Satta APK –

Rummy Satta App
Rummy Satta APK

As friends, you should know that Rummy Satta APK has been launched recently, and is also becoming very popular, so if we talk about some of its programs, then you get Sign-Up in it. As soon as you do this, you get a bonus of ₹51 and with this you also get a minimum withdrawal of ₹ 100 which is a very good thing. So if you also want to download this app, then you can download it through the official website by clicking on the download button given below.

How Many Types of Games are Available in Satta Rummy App?

Rummy Satta APK

You will be very happy to know that if you download Rummy Satta APK, then you get a chance to play many different games, all the games we have written below :-

  1. Rummy Game :- If you are an export in playing Rummy, then Rummy game is also available in it, two men wait in it, you have to bet at least 80 paise and you can win if the king comes in it.
  2. Teen Patti Game :- If you are an expert in playing Teen Patti, then you also get Teen Patti game in this, two men, three men and four men can also bet, you have to wait at least 10 paise and if your Patti is more than that. If you come, you can win.
  3. Dragon Vs Tiger Game: – Dragon vs tiger game is played by a lot of people, and you can also play this game in this app, many people like this game, after all, why not people like this game, Because this game is very easy to play, this game is divided into three parts, and you have to bet in any one, in this you can bet at least ₹ 10.
  4. 7 Up Down Game :- This game is divided into three parts, and you have to bet in any one, in this you can bet at least ₹ 10, in which only one part wins, and in case of tie. Your money comes back to your account mother.
  5. 10 Cards Game
  6. Variation Game
  7. Andar Bahar Game
  8. Car Roulette Game
  9. Zoo Roulette Game
  10. Best Of Five Game
  11. Teen Patti 20-20
  12. Poker Game
  13. Beccarat Game
  14. 3 Card Poker

Rummy Satta APK Bonus Program !

If you want to claim the bonus inside the Rummy Gully app, then you have to register inside this game, for this first you have to download and install the app and open it, then the home page of the game will come in front of you, in which you will get ₹ 10 bonus . To get ₹ 30 more, you have to bind the mobile number, for this, clicking on the option of Bind by clicking on the profile , after filling the number , password and OTP , you have to bind, in which you will get a total bonus of ₹51.

How to Register in Rummy Satta APK?

If you want to create your account inside Satta Rummy App , then for this you have to adopt the following statements :-

  • First of all download this app through given download link.
  • Then install the application and open it, in which the home page of the application will come.
  • Then on clicking on the button with Profile, the option of Bind will come,
  • So by clicking on the Bind button, fill your mobile number, password and OTP and click on the Register button,
  • Due to which your mobile number has been bind inside this account and successfully registered inside this Satta Rummy Apk.
  • Now you have got the full ₹51 bonus in your App

How To Add Money in Satta Rummy App ?

Add Money Program
Add Money Program

If you want to add your money inside any Rummy game, then you should keep one thing in mind whether the application gives payment or not, Rummy Glee App is a very verified application in which if you want to add money then Feel free to add.

In this, you can add a minimum of ₹ 10 and add your cash up to a maximum of ₹ 2,00,000, in this, there is an option like Bank / UPI / Debit Card to add rupees to it, any kind of problem while adding rupees. No, in this you can easily add your money to your money without any problem.

You can add money through the following means –

  • First of all open the app and click on Pay button.
  • Then select the amount as per your wish and click on the Add Chips button,
  • You will get the option of UPI and Paytm ,
  • Select any one option and click on Next Step .
  • Enter the KYC details on the first add -on .
  • Then by selecting the payment option , you will be able to add your Chips inside the Game ID by making a payment.

What are the Offers of Add Money in Rummy Satta APK

If you people add your money in this application, then you are also given extra bonus in it.

Add Amount Extra Amount (%) Total Amount
₹1001 +2% ₹1021.02
₹3001 +2,5% ₹3076.02
₹5001 +3% ₹5151.03
₹8001 +3% ₹8241.03
₹10001 +3.5% ₹10351.03
₹30001 +4% ₹31201.04
₹50001 +4.5% ₹52251.04
₹100000 +5.5% ₹105500
Additional Bonuses

How to Refer & Earn in Rummy Satta APK?

Rummy Satta APK Refer & Earn
Refer & Earn

If you want to earn money by Refer & Earn, then a very good program has been given to earn by sharing it and you can earn well in it. So in this you get 2 options to earn money by Refer & Earn . 1. Share & 2. Agent who works as follows

  1. Share: – If you install and open this app through my link, then you will get the share button below, if you click on it, then you get ₹ 50 on 5 friends, ₹ 100 on 10 friends and ₹ 100 on 20 friends, share it. There are 3 options, 1.????Facebook, 2. ????WhatsApp, 3. ????Copy Link
  2. Agent: – When you open this app, you click on the button with an agent in the side, and you come to the option of Rule, in which 30% Lifetime recharge commission is available.

Weekly Bonus Program in This App 👇👇👇

Within this app, a program of Weekly Bonus has been given within the very best Refer & Earn, in which you have the option to claim weekly bonus on every Monday of every week Weekly Bonus Programs are as follows –

Bonus From  Bonus To Extra Bonus
1000 3000 ₹500
3001 5000 ₹1000
5001 8000 ₹3000
8001 10000 ₹6000
10001 15000 ₹10000
15001 20000 ₹15000
20001 30000 ₹ 20000
30001 50000 ₹30000
50001 80000 ₹60000
80001 100000 ₹100000
1000001 999999999 ₹ 200000

Share Bonus in Satta Rummy Apk !

Rummy Satta APK Share Program
Share Program

If you people have created your account inside this application, then you people would also like to earn money, for which a program of share which is very good is given in it in which you can earn money by sharing it with your friends. It is programmed in such a way that if you invite your friend and if your friend recharges ₹ 1000 or above, then you get a free bonus of up to ₹ 100, how do you get it? Its information is as follows –

  • Invite 1st Friend & Get ₹80
  • Invite 2nd Friend & Get ₹90
  • Invite 3rd Friend & Get ₹100
  • And Any Other After 3 Friends Invite You Can Get ₹100 Every Invite.

Is Rummy Satta APK Safe?

If it comes to the security of this application, you are not there even though this application is not on the Play Store, yet this application pays very well and has been giving payment to many people for a long time, not only this This company also claims to provide Live Customer Service in case of any problem, in which you can take 24*7 help through WhatsApp

How To Withdraw Money in Satta Rummy App?

Rummy Satta APK Payment Proof
Payment Proof

If we talk about withdrawal inside this game, then there is a withdrawal of at least 100 rupees inside this app and you can withdraw maximum of 8,000 rupees in a day, in this app you can take withdrawal from bank or UPI. ,

In which you   can apply Withdraw by doing  your KYC . So you can take the payment of ₹ 100 in this game, the  application  is 100%  payment  verified  , if you take the payment then your payment  will be successful  . You have nothing to worry about in this. 

Money Transfer :-

There are two (Bank / UPI) options for withdrawal of money, and you can take your money very fast in any bank, there is no problem related to Withdraw , then you can have 100% trust on this app. If you want to withdraw your money in this app, then you can transfer your money to the bank in the following way. 

  • First of all, install and open the app. 
  • After opening the app, a Withdraw button is found at the bottom,
  • You have to select the medium through which you want to withdraw. 
  • After clicking on which you have to enter your amount and click on Withdraw option to withdraw money. 
  • After that, to check Withdraw History, you get the button of History, you have to click on it. 
  • So you must have withdrawn your money and you will get to see all its history. 

VIP Program in Rummy Satta APK !

VIP Program
VIP Program

There are many people who want to get free bonus, and many apps do not have the option to get free bonus, but in this app you get the option to get this program very well, In which how you can get Daily Bonus, Weekly Bonus, Monthly Bonus And Level Bonus.

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How To Download Rummy Satta APK ?

Ans. To download this app, we have made a download button by clicking on which you can download this app through the official website.

Rummy Satta Customer Care Number !

Rummy Satta APK Customer Support
Customer Support

If you want to take Customer Support inside Rummy Satta, then VIP Customer Support has been given inside this game too, whose service time is from 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM, so if you have any problem inside it, then take support. If you want, you can take support for 24 hours at this time. In this, you can take online support through WhatsApp, their number is +639162119945. 

Rummy Satta Extra Top Up Bonus !

If you add your money to it for the first time in the Top Up Amount section given below, then there is a bonus option on the side of Top Up Amount, you can claim all these bonuses for free,

Top Up Amount Bonus
500 INR+ 11 INR
2000 INR+ 51 INR
5000 INR+ 101 INR
10000 INR+ 301 INR
30000 INR+ 1001 INR
50000 INR+ 2001 INR
100000 INR+ 4001 INR
300000 INR+ 11111 INR

Referral Bonus Program

In this program, the friends you have referred and if those friends recharge according to the table given below, then you get your free bonus in the program with Rebate Bonus, which we have given below.

First Time Recharge Rebate Bonus
100 INR+ 10 INR
500 INR+ 50 INR
1000 INR+ 100 INR
3000 INR+ 300 INR
5000 INR+ 500 INR
10000 INR+ 1000 INR
200000 INR+ 2000 INR
500000 INR+ 5000 INR

Rummy Satta APK FAQ’s

Q.1.  What is the minimum withdrawal of Satta Rummy App?

Ans.  The Minimum Withdrawal is Rs.100/- 

Q.2. What is the Sign-Up Bonus in Rummy Satta APK ? 

Ans.  Rummy Satta APK has ₹51 Sign-Up Bonus. 

Q.3.  What is the maximum withdrawal in Rummy Satta APK ? ,

Ans. The Minimum Withdrawal is Rs.50,000/- 

Q.4.  How many types of games are available in Satta Rummy App?

Ans. Various types of games are available in Rummy Satta APK ?

Q.5.  How to Download Rummy Satta APK ?

Ans. To download this app, we have made a download button by clicking on which you can download this app through the official website.

Important Notes :-  All the games given here include the risk involved, so I do not suggest to add money inside these games, if you add, then you will be responsible for the loss, so please keep this in mind Put money aside.

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