Rich Me Rummy APK | Rich Me App | Rich Me Teen Patti App | Bonus ₹86

Rich Me Rummy APK, Rich Me App, Rich Me Teen Patti App :- Friends, there is some exciting news for all of you who use adolescent patti. A new Teen Patti gaming application has been released on the market, and when you sign up, you will receive a bonus of ₹86. Not only that, but you also have the option of receiving an immediate payment withdrawal from the company. You must have at least ₹100 in your account to withdraw money.

Rich Me Rummy App
Rich Me Rummy App

In this, the best thing for you people is laughing that this application is very much newly launched and along with this you get to see many programs inside it, through which you can help your online earning process. can improve a lot

Friends, with this loot app, you can make money by using a variety of functions. Simply by completing daily activities, you can get a free bonus of up to ₹1,000. You can obtain a free daily bonus of ₹86 here. Not only that, but you may obtain a VIP bonus as well as a Daily Roulette Piggy Bonus to get a free bonus. Aside from that, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to Rs 1500.

About This Rich Me Rummy APK !

rich me rummy apk
rich me rummy apk
Article Name : Rich Me Rummy APK Download
App Size : 48.08 MB
Version : v1.3.1
Sign-Up Bonus : ₹41
Min. Withdraw : ₹100/-
App Type : Casino
Official Website : AllRummyApp.Com

Rich Me APK is a nice teen patti and rummy gaming software. This application allows you to play a variety of card games related to the Teen Patti and Rummy games. Not only that, but this application also allows you to make money by playing card games. You can make instant payments as well as earn a limitless amount of money here. Friends, this program can help you make between ₹50000 and ₹60000 every month. & This is very easy to earn

How to Create Account in Rich Me Rummy App ?

When you sign up for Rich Me App, you will receive a 86 registration bonus right now. Aside from that, after you register an account here, you will be able to access all of the services provided in this application. After creating an account, you can immediately transfer the money you earn from the game to your bank account.

rich me rummy apk download
rich me rummy apk download

If you want to create an account inside this application, then it is very important for you to know that how to create an account inside this application, then you can follow the following steps to create an account inside the application. can follow –

Step 1: First, download the Rich Me App to your smartphone.

Step 2: After downloading the Rich Me App, open it and you will see two options for registering an account: Mobile Login and Guest Login.

Step 3: Select the Mobile Login option, enter your mobile number and password, and then click the OTP button.

Step 4: An OTP will now be sent to your mobile number; you must validate the OTP and register the account.

Step 5: As soon as your account is registered, ₹86 will be credited to your account.

How to Download Rich Me Teen Patti App ?

If you want people to download this application, then you can click on the download button given below and through our official website you can download this application by going to the category of new app.

Download Button

Rich me Rummy APK download is pretty simple. We will offer you with a download link for this application below. Simply click the Get button below to download this app to your smartphone. Before you may download this software, go to your smartphone’s Settings and enable the Unknown Source option

What games are available in Rich Me Rummy APK ?

rich me rummy game
rich me rummy game

Friends, in this program, you will find a variety of card games to play, including Teen Patti games and US games. You can play the Teen Patti game, rummy game, cricket game, and ludo game here. The information about all of the games available in this program is provided below.

  • Teen Patti
  • Rummy
  • Slot
  • 7Up Down
  • VS-Black
  • Car Roulette
  • Bollywood Celebrities
  • Cricket Star
  • Kama Sutra
  • TP War
  • Andar Bahar
  • Ludo
  • Dragon vs Tiger
  • Fish
  • Bikini Paradise
  • God Of India

Rich Me Rummy APK Daily Bonus System

On your first day of login, you will receive a 1 bonus. If you log in on the second day, you will receive a 3 bonus. Logging in on the third day earns you a 5 bonus. Aside from that, you earn a 7 bonus when you log in on the fourth day here. On the fifth day, you will receive a bonus of ₹86. Logging in on the sixth day earns you an 11 bonus. Logging in on the seventh day earns you a 39 bonus. This way, you can check in for 7 days in a row and collect the ₹86 incentive.

Friends, you have been offered a free bonus of ₹86 for playing free games in our application. If you wish to receive this application’s bonus, you must log in daily and Claim for the Daily Bonus. For seven consecutive days of daily login, you will receive a 86 bonus.

On your first day of login, you will receive a 1 bonus. Following that, you will receive a 2 bonus when you login on the second day. 2 bonus for signing in on the third day 2 bonus for logging in on the sixth day 2 bonus for signing in on the sixth day Bonus of 2 for logging in on the sixth day and 100 for logging in on the day. By logging in for 7 days, you can get a free bonus of 111.

How to Add Cash in Rich me Apk ?

rich me rummy add cash bonus
add cash bonus

Friends, this program allows you to add at least 101 and up to 50001 payments. Furthermore, if you make a payment, you will receive cashback offers ranging from 2% to 5%. If you want to take advantage of this cashback, you must deposit funds into your account now. We will walk you through the process of adding payment step by step below.-

  1. Friends, on the main page, you will see the option Add Money, which you should select.
  2. A new page will now appear in front of you. You will be given various payment options ranging from 101 to 50001.
  3. Choose the amount you wish to add, up to Rupyee, based on your budget.
  4. Complete KYC by entering your mobile number, email address, and name.
  5. You can now pay using your UPI ID, Phone Pe, Google Pay, Paytm, Debit Card, or Credit Card.
  6. Add payment from whichever payment option you have accessible to you.
  7. In this manner, you can easily add funds to your account.

How To Withdrawal Money In Rich Me Rummy APK?

rich me rummy withdraw program
withdraw program

If you people are also having trouble in taking withdrawal inside this application, then you will not face any problem because you can easily request from you people according to the minimum withdrawal rate of ₹ 100 by following the following steps. And the good thing is that all the payments made inside this application are also successfully received because the application which is fully paid through payment means that whenever you people will make payment inside the application. If you do the evacuation, then you will get the evacuation here quite successfully.

Download Button

In Rich me APK, you can get a discount if you withdraw at least ₹100. You can withdraw your payment by following the simple steps outlined below. To withdraw your payment, use the method outlined below.

  1. Launch the application and select the Withdrawal Icon from the home page.
  2. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw here.
  3. Now enter your UPI ID or bank account information here. You must only include this information the first time.
  4. You can now make a payment withdrawal by clicking on the Withdrawal Icon at the bottom.
  5. You can do your Payment Withdrawal in this manner in a very straightforward manner.

Make Money By Inviting Friends

rich me rummy refer program
refer program

You will all receive a 20 commission for joining a referral in this application. Furthermore, if the person you refer here adds money to his account, you will receive a 10% commission. Aside from that, you get a 20% commission on whatever tax is levied on that person who is playing games. That is, you make a lot of money from all over here. Here, you can quickly deposit any cash generated by the referral program to your bank account.

If you wish to make money through the referral program, go here. So you copy your referral link and ask more folks to join this application. If you want to get more people to join in less time, post your referral link on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. In order for you to invite more individuals to join this application in less time.

Collect Piggy Bank Bonus In Rich Me Game

rich me rummy apk spin bonus
spin bonus

Everyone wants to obtain a free bonus in this application, right? Because a free bonus is a channel through which you can earn more and more money by playing free games here. To gain the free bonus, use the piggy bank bonus features, which allow you to earn a 10% commission even if you lose the game. You can withdraw your bonus as soon as you reach 200 in your account

Try the Rich Me Lucky Roulette App.

Friends, the company has offered you another excellent function to obtain free bonuses in this program. One of the highlights of Lucky Roulette is that you can get a free bonus ranging from ₹5 to ₹1,000 here. Friends, how many rupees bonus you earn on which day is entirely dependent on your luck. Here’s a spin for you5 10 20 50 100 200 with a chance to win a bonus through 1000 spins. You can spin the wheel here for a 100 recharge.

How to Get a VIP Bonus in Rich Me Rummy App

VIP benefits are available here. You can get the most free bonus and commission by using the VIP bonus features. To take use of VIP bonus features, you must first recharge at least 40 in your account. Aside from that, you can earn the maximum VIP membership of Yatri Bonus by recharging a maximum of 68001 here. You gain VIP points based on how much you recharge, which you may spend to play the game. You can earn a free bonus here if you have a VIP membership.

rich me rummy apk vip program
vip program

This application includes VIP Member Ship benefits for all of you to use. After acquiring a VIP membership here, you will be able to access a plethora of free benefits in this program. Here, your VIP membership will be active as soon as you replenish your account. Your first VIP membership will be activated as soon as you recharge 20 in your account. Along with this, you will receive 20 points. Similarly, there are 18 different BIP membership options available here.

How to Check Your Rich Me Rummy App Ranking

Friends, the company provides you with ranking features in this application. Monthly and weekly rankings are available here. Your ranking will rise as you improve your performance by playing the game. The ranking features are assigned to the top ten users of this program. As you improve here, your ranking will rise, and your name will begin to appear in the top ten.

rich me Ranking
rich me Ranking

If you wish to verify your ranking in this application, Ranking Fetcher is available here. You will see a ranking from one to ten in this section. The user who earns the most money by playing the most games in this program is ranked first. If you also perform better by playing the game here, the more money you win, the faster your ranking will rise.

Rich Me Rummy APK Helpline

rich me customer support
customer support

Friends, in this application, you can use your WhatsApp number to contact the customer service representative. If you have any problems with this application, you can address them by talking to someone directly using WhatsApp. Both of the customer service WhatsApp numbers available in this app are listed below.

Note :- Please keep in mind that this game entails financial risk. You can get addicted to this game. As a result, you are all asked to play this game on your own responsibility and risk. My sole piece of advice to all of you is to invest as much money here as you do in your pocket.

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Friends, we have provided you with information about Rich Me APK, Download Rich Me Rummy APK, Rich Me APP, Download Rummy RichMe APP, and Rich Me Game in this article. I’d like to inform everyone that if you want to earn money by playing Teen Patti in real life, you should download the application on your smartphone right away.

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Because the application has only recently been released on the market, you should take advantage of its release. This application allows you to steal as much money as you like. I hope you enjoyed the information we provided. If you want to learn more about games like Teen Patti and Rummy, please bookmark our website.

Video :

Now if you guys have read the article of this application and you do not understand anything in it, then there is no need to worry because we have made this video for you guys in which you guys are. You will be able to get all the information about this application in full detail, so you guys watch this video completely and get all the information about this application.


Q.1. :- How much bonus will we get if we create an account in Rich Me Rummy application?

Ans :- Inside this you get a bonus of up to ₹86.

Q.2. :- will we be able to play rummy game inside this application

Ans :- Inside this application, you get to see a lot of games, in which rummy game is also included, so you guys will be able to play rummy game inside it too.

Q.3. :- Do you get withdrawal by applying withdrawal inside this application?

Ans :- If you guys want to make withdrawal inside this application, then you can make withdrawal very easily according to the minimum rate of ₹ 100

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