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Happy Ace Casino Mod APK : Friends, if you people are also searching for one’s Casino Real Money Application, then a very good application has been launched for you and this application is becoming very popular very fast, about which it is very important for you to know. Only then you will be able to earn a lot of money because this application is giving so much Loot Earning that you cannot even guess. And along with this, you are given a bonus of ₹ 30 with this application, using which you can play very good games and earn money from them.

happy ace casino Apk


How is the Happy Ace Casino Mod APK?

App Name : Happy Ace Casino
Sign-Up Bonus : Bonus ₹30 Free
Min. Withdrawal : Rs.110/-
Official Website : AllRummyApp.Com
APK File Size : 36.7 MB
Supported Game : Total 15 Types

This is a type of online money earning rummy application in which you also get to see Teen Patti game and also you can earn money by inviting your friends inside it which is the best of this application. There is a program and inside it you also get a bonus of ₹ 30, using which you can play all the games present inside it. And it is not that you guys have any kind of problem related to payment inside this application because I am using this application for the last several months now and till now I have not faced any problem, and You too will not face any problem, I believe that.

How do we download the Happy Ace Casino mod application?

If you guys want to download this application, then you will get a bonus of ₹ 30, then without any delay, you guys download this application and install it inside your smartphone by following all the steps given below.

Step 1 :- First of all you have to click on our given download button

Step 2 :- After that you will go to the official website of this application.

Step 3 :- After that you will see a download button on which as soon as you click on this application will start downloading.

Step 4 :- After the download is complete, you will install this app inside your mobile.

Note :- And after that, as soon as you download this application and install it inside your mobile, after that you people have to create an account inside it by following the following escape

Available in Happy Ace Casino APK ?

Happy Ace Casino Mod APK

There are many games available in this, with the help of which you can earn a lot , we have given below about all these applications .


  • Ludo Game
  • EK Patti Game
  • Poker War Game
  • Fishing Rush Game
  • 7 Up Down Game


  • Point Rummy Game
  • 3 Patti Game
  • Pool Rummy Game
  • 3 Patti Joker Game
  • Taxas Holdem Game


  • EK Patti Game
  • Poker War Game
  • Best Of Five Game
  • 7 Up Down Game
  • Cricket Battle Game
  • Lucky Lottery Game


  • Ludo Game
  • Fishing Rush


  • Happy Farmer Game
  • Vegas Fruits Game

How to Create Account in Happy Ace Casino Mod APK?

If you people have not created an account inside the casino application located in Happy and you are facing problem in creating an account, then you do not have to worry about any kind because you can easily follow the steps given below. You can create your account inside this application and get a bonus of ₹ 30.

Step 1 Whenever you will open this app, after that you will see two options in front of people, first you will get Guest and second will get Login/Sign-Up.
Step 2 In this, if you people login as Guest then you will get ₹ 10 and if you people sign-up then you will get ₹ 30.
Step 3 So if you guys want to get ₹ 30 then you have to click on Login/Sign-Up
Step 4 After that you have to enter your mobile number and a passcode
Step 5 With this your account will be ready in this.

How To Download Happy Ace Casino Mod App ?

Now to get ₹ 50 you have to download this app, we have given below its official site link at Parag Raha, you can download this app from its official site which we have provided its link in the following download button So download this app immediately and start earning.

How Many Types of Games Are Available in Happy Ace Casino MOD Apk ?

There are many games available in this, with the help of which you can earn a lot , we have given below about all these applications .

  1. Point Rummy Game
  2. 3 Patti Game
  3. Poker Game
  4. Best Of Five
  5. Pool Rummy Game
  6. Texas Holdem
  7. Lucky Lottery Game
  8. Vegas Fruits Game
  9. Ludo Game
  10. Ek Patti Game
  11. Happy Farmer Game
  12. Fishing Rush Game
  13. 7 Up Down Game
  14. Cricket Battle Game
  15. 3 Patti Joker Game

Friends, you can play all the above mentioned games inside this Happy Ace Casino application and also win a lot of money.

How To Earn Money by Refer & Earn Inside This App ?

Happy Ace Casino Mod APK Refer & Earn

If you do not play the game then there is a very good feature to earn money by referring Happy Ace Game , with the help of which you can earn thousands of rupees daily. You can also earn money by referring and earning inside this game, a very easy feature has been given in this to earn by referring and earning, with the help of which you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month.

How To Refer Happy Ace Casino MOD App ?

In this you can earn according to the label, 3 types of Refer & Earn programs are given, which are 1. Silver-A , 2. Gold-B , 3. Sub-C , in which you get 16% lifetime commission on Silver. You get, and Affiliate 8, and 10% commission on Gold / 6% Affiliate / 6% Affiliate below that, and talk about Sub, you are the father of all, in this you can do Unlimited Earning.

Become An Agent 

As you have seen the Refer Program written above , and if all these programs flow, then its Agent will be called Member, as I use, and you can also use all these programs quite easily , in which you Profit is profit, If I tell my story, I can easily earn 3 to 4 thousand per day from this game and you can earn like this and not only that, you can also earn more than this. The TOP Promoter of this game also earns 30 to 40 thousand per day, and you can earn even more if you want.

Happy Ace Casino Mod APK Refer & Earn Reward

Is it Best For The Promoter

Friends, if you want to earn by becoming the best promoter inside this app, then you promoter can earn unlimited money inside this app, you will have to follow the best label of its Refer & Earn program, with the help of which many people make millions of rupees. If you are earning, then you too can earn lakhs from this application. This game is also the best because your earning keeps increasing according to the label in this game, which is the best feature for a Promoter.

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How To Add Money In Mod Happy Ace Casino Apk ?

Happy Ace Casino APK Add Money Program
Add Cash Program

If you are people who want to add your money inside this Happy Ace Ru mmy app, then there is a separate program and feature to add money, inside this application you can add your money up to at least ₹ 100. You can add more and more Unlimited Paise in one go, then you can do Unlimited Earning by playing the game with the added money .

Add Money Process in Happy Ace Casino App !

Now let’s talk, how can I add money inside this application ? So Ans. It will be that you can add money very easily inside this app, that too without any problem, so first of all you have to download this app, after that you have to install and open the app, then sign-up. After clicking on the button with Add Cash , you have to select the amount as per your wish, then click on the option with Add Cash,

After clicking on the button with Add Cash, it will automatically redirect to the website, after that you have to select the medium through which you want to add money and after entering the information, click on Proceed, after that click on a notification in your phone . But have to be procced, now your App Account will have Money.

Rummy Royal APK Download

Customer Support In Happy Ace Casino MOD App

Customer Support should be the best for any app, so friends, the customer support of this application is not the best, but this app is 100% Trusted & Verified App , if there is any kind of problem, then it has online support. You can take Online Support is given in it, before this WhatsApp Support was given for the promoter, but now people do not live online in that number, so we are not giving you WhatsApp Number but Email support is given in it, which we have given below. have given.


Friends, you can take customer support inside this application through this given email id or you get very good online support in which if you take support, then every problem is solved.

How To Work Mail Program In Happy Ace Rummy MOD APK ?

Happy Ace Casino Mail Program
Mail Program

If you have taken any type of Withdraw , its history is shown in it, as if you have Withdraw, then its record is created in it, if you want to delete this record, then there is a button with Empty All in it, on which you click. If so, all your records are deleted, now we hope that you must have known everything about the Mail Program .

Withdraw Program in Happy Ace Casino Game !

A very good and very easy Withdraw program has been given in this game, in which you can take the first withdrawal of at least ₹110, after the first withdrawal, you can apply a minimum withdrawal of ₹110 , and the maximum withdrawal of ₹50000 was put in one go. can. A 3% charge is deducted on withdrawal.

Happy Ace Casino Payment Proof

How To Withdraw Money ?

So if you want people to withdraw their money from this app, after withdrawing money from this app and successfully getting it in the bank, then you can follow the following steps :-

  1. First of all you have to go to the home page of this app.
  2. After that click on the button with “ Withdraw ”,
  3. Then you have to select the bank, and then click on “Withdrawal Info” to fill your bank details properly.
  4. After that, you have to fill your withdrawal amount in the Withdraw Amount box.
  5. Then click on the green Withdraw button, which will submit your amount for withdrawal .
  6. After waiting for some time you will find that your money has been received in your bank,
  7. You will be able to see its notice in the mail box and see the status inside the Withdrawal Record .

How To Work Free Coin Program

If you want to get Free Coin Up-to ₹ 10 inside Happy Ace Rummy app, then there is a Daily Bonus program in it, with the help of which you can get free bonus up to ₹ 10 per day, in this program To get it, you have to download and install the app and open it and after coming to the home page , you get a Free Coin button on the right side, if you click on it, you can earn up to ₹ 10 daily.

Activity Program In Happy Ace Casino Apk

Happy Ace Casino Activity Program

Now let’s talk about the Activity Program that in this program, some special rewards keep coming by the company, to know about this program, you have to open the app and there is an Activity button on the side of Free Coin , which is in the following way. Huh.

  1. Daily Bonus :- Talking about this program of Activity program, there is a notification of Daily Bonus , in which it has been written by the company that it has up -to 200% Rebate and has been mentioned that do not miss Daily Reward.
  2. VIP Reward: – You can earn your earning by upgrading VIP in this, if you VIP1 = ₹ 20, VIP2 = ₹ 25 – – – Similarly you can earn from this too.
  3. Bonus Pot: – In this, if the app has lost his money , then he gets 0.2% back and to get it, you can get it by clicking on the Claim button.

Is Happy Ace Casino App Save?

If you want to know whether Happy Ace Rummy App is safe or not, then Ans. Yes, because many people are earning thousands from this application, as we have already mentioned in the above paragraph of Best Promoter, this app is 100% Trusted & Verified , and feel free to add your money to it and earn money. You can easily transfer money from bank to bank with this app.

As friends, as of now, according to the response of this application, the application is becoming very popular and this application pays every single person and there is a lot of Popular around in the market.

Watch Video

Friends, if you people are not understanding some things after reading the article, then you can watch this video completely in which you will get to know everything about it and along with it you can see its live design. inside this video

Important Notes :- All the games given here include the risk involved, so I do not suggest to add money inside these games, if you add, then you will be responsible for the loss, so please keep this in mind Put money aside.


Q. How much is the Maximum Withdraw in Happy Ace Casino App?
Ans- In this app you can withdraw up to maximum Rs.100000 at a time.

Q. How much is the Sign Up Bonus available in Happy Ace Casino App?
Ans- You will get a bonus of Rs.30 as soon as you create an account in this app.

Q. How much is the Withdraw Fee in Happy Ace Casino App?
Ans- There is a withdrawal fee of 3% on each withdrawal in this app.

Q. How much is the Minimum Withdraw in Happy Ace Casino App?
Ans- In this app you can withdraw at least Rs.500.

Q. How much withdrawal can be done in Happy Ace Casino App in a day?
Ans- There is no withdrawal limit in this app, you can withdraw as much as you want during the day.

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