“Grand Theft Auto V” ( GTA V ) Free Download Available now that have crashed the Epic Games Store Website: Other Free Games Dates leaked

GTA V Free Download Available now that have crashed the Epic Game Store Website: Other Free Game Dates leaked

GTA V Launched in year 2013 and becomes the most popular game among other games Because of It’s online reach over the internet.

Main Highlight

  • The Announcement of Game GTA V available for free Epic Games Store becomes slow and crashed
  • This problem solved now for most of the users.
  • Epic Game Store leaked the Game name and date that will be available in near by future Dates.

“Grand Theft Auto V” The most famous game have been listed for free by Epic Games Store on May 14. This free listing news become viral and this led heavy traffic of game lovers due to this website slowdown and user getting Error message on website and launcher Application. After knowing the issue Epic declared that they working to fix them. As per tweet by the Epic Game store official account, most of the user now able to access the Epic Game Store and Application. One more post on reddit says that next free game set may have been already leaked or announce soon.

Epic Games Store often list out free games as a ‘mystery game’ that can be download and user can keep it life long. The Grand Theft Auto V available freely till May 21 due to that peoples around the word becomes crazy to download it and rushed to online store website and application. That’s why massive traffic came and this results in to slowdowns, Errors and at last server crashed. No matter that game was 7 years old but due to It’s popularity number of game lovers still wanting to download It. This free game also available free in india till May 21 to download and use forever.

Number of user reported the problem after that Epic Acknowledge this and said that they were working on it to fix it and it followed up with another tweet that there were still some issues faced by user. Finally, on the morning of May 15, the Epic Games Store shared that it has “deployed updates to provide resolution for these issues,” and that people should be able to access the Epic Games Store website and Application. “We’ll continue to monitor traffic and provide updates if further issues are encountered. Thank you for your continued patience!”, the tweet added.

On the basis of an image on reddit It seems the upcoming leaks of free games on the Epic Games Store. These may be

  • Civilization 6 expected to come on May 21
  • Borderlands – The Handsome Collection on May 28
  • ARK Survival Evolved Expected on june 4

Above mentioned All the three games are very famous and If it will leak than Epic Games Store once again overloaded with Game lovers and definitely creates problems to manage the heavy traffic on It’s server.

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